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10 Week Blogging Blitz


There is one way to guarantee your results online:

An all out assault on the Internet with your content.

That is why I recently launched a 10 Week Blogging Blitz, where I will be blogging a minimum of once a day, five days a week for 10 weeks. With this in mind, I wanted to give you my starting place so that we can track the results together:

TyTribble.com Alexa Ranking: 1,076,085

Google Page Rank: 3

New Traffic: 0

While I haven’t been active on this blog since it was attacked by hackers I still get some traffic.  It’s not a ton of traffic, but I am not starting at zero.

In order to make this a fair study, I have basically set a traffic baseline and will be reporting visitors above and beyond that number (basically just the growth).

Join in and track your stats!  I look forward to reporting your results along side my own.


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