Well, I figured my last email about “branding yourself” might land me in hot water and it did land me in some, but believe it or not, the feedback (even from leaders who brand themselves) has been mostly positive.

Which leads me to today’s tip…

There is a time and a place for branding yourself.

What I am really rallying against is the time people spend on “branding” before they really have anything to brand.

When I first got started marketing online, I actually used Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and Ann Sieg’s Renegade System to create leads and build my list.  I utilized Mike and Ann’s marketing funnel because I didn’t have the time, knowledge or brand in place to create something more effective.

After a while, I began to create my own marketing funnel and leads because I had digested so much training and content on marketing online that I actually had something of real value to offer people.

As I have been working on the “The Factory“,  I have exposed you to the two main goals with a “keep it super simple” mantra:

1. Learn money producing skills from the industry’s top leaders.

2. Share that training in the form of a mini-marketing funnel (provided by The Factory) to create leads.

What I haven’t exposed you to is my long term plan for you and “The Factory”.

See, the true underlying mission of The Factory is to build leaders.

I believe that some of the greatest future training will come directly from members of The Factory.

It’s about building a better you through learning skills from current leaders…

It’s a process, right? You learn, you create leads, you build your list and as you gain knowledge, you begin to share it with others.

You will naturally move in the direction of branding yourself by sharing what you have learned.

As you rise up and begin to share your knowledge and passion, The Factory will help promote you and get the word out about you.

Along with the positive feedback in the emails I received yesterday, I got the sense that people felt part of a movement.  A movement towards common sense and simplicity.

Again, there’s a time and a place for branding you…

…’til then focus on the simplicity of learning skills and creating leads:

Talk soon,

Ty Tribble

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