I really can not think of many things on earth today that are more important than finding a way to help the 5 million children who die each year of malnutrition.

Governments try,

Charities try.

Charities who are in the business of getting governments to try, try.

But malnutrition is still winning.

Social Entrepreneurship is about changing the system.

It’s applying, “The innovative technology and cash flow of a for-profit entity with the passion, purpose and mission of a not for profit organization in order to bring sustainable change to the worlds biggest problems.”

Here’s what I am working on…it’s called Mission 5 Million:

  • Connect 5 million vitamin/nutrition consumers to children in desperate need. (When a product is purchased, a child is nourished)
  • Reward those consumers with free products and financial incentive to help the program go viral.

To learn more, click the link:

– Ty Tribble

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