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Facebook Marketing Strategy To Sign Up $500+ Customers & Business Partners


Plenty of marketers can sign up a few thousand people in some deal for free.

But you have to put on your big boy/girl pants if you are going to sign people at $500 or more.

That’s where my buddy (and wild Australian Rabbit Hunter), James Hannan comes in….

James regularly recruits between 4 to 12 people every month at an over $800 buy in.

And he doesn’t do it by bugging his friends, family and neighbors or by stomping the mall for prospects.


James uses a very specific Facebook strategy to bring in customers and business partners every single month. It’s a strategy that I have never seen taught anywhere.

Thanks to a few drinks on the beach in Hawaii, I convinced James to do an entire webinar on the subject as part of our Internet Marketing Crash Course.

The more I dig into the content for the Internet Marketing Crash Course, the more I am realizing that this is really a very unique training…

You get 11 unique webinars (with a cutting edge – 12th webinar in the works right now) and these webinars are split into two areas that are vital to your business.

  • Generating Leads Quickly
  • Turning Leads Into Customers and Business Partners

If you want to learn about James’ unique Facebook strategies that have allowed him to generate over 20,000 leads in under a year, check out the Internet Marketing Crash Course here.

The course is probably $200 less than you would expect to pay and we’ve even split the payments (under 50 bucks) over two months for you to make it a no-brainer.

Talk soon –

Ty Tribble


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