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Making Money With Pinterest


Pinterest is a social network that has gained a lot of traction recently.

When a site starts to attract people’s attention, gaining traffic and momentum, you can be sure that skilled and creative Internet marketers are thinking about ways to make money with Pinterest.

The general idea of Pinterest is to create a board, name it and then “pin” pictures to the board.  Each picture you “pin” can have a corresponding link. You can also pin videos.

Pinning pictures on particular topics tends to attract people interested in same niche and users have the ability to follow (and unfollow) each other in a similar fashion to Twitter.

People also have the opportunity to share what they find with their followers.

Believe it or not, images can be a large traffic source for blogs and it doesn’t surprise me that Pinterest has been designed to capitalize on the premise (of course taking the idea much further).

As far as growth goes, Pinterest is smoking hot. According to comScore, it is the fastest site to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors in history.

I’ve been busy so I haven’t requested an invitation to Pinterest until now, but one of the things I am interested in doing once I am invited is to create a bit of  “dream refrigerator”.  Back in the day when I first had the dream of working from home, my wife and I would cut out pictures of the things we wanted to accomplish and put them on our refrigerator. I’m looking forward to creating something similar on Pinterest.

When it comes to making money with Pinterest, it’s really a matter of creating boards that attract people and then posting pins that people want to click and having some type of connecting offer or lead capture page on the other end.


  1. This is great straight to the point information on how to market on pinterest. Others in internet land are charging for this info as if it's some revolutionary way to market online. This is a great value that was shared at no cost. Pure Awesomeness!

  2. Great information Thank you. I just pinned a picture from my blog to Pinterest and I've had 139 views in about 3 hours. Now the other pictures didn't get any hits but this one was a real attention getter. I now have a much better understanding of how to make connections. THANK YOU.

  3. Thanks Thank you. Interesting info about Pinterest – I've had an account for about a month now and have been loving creating boards. I have used it to promote a couple of minor products but haven't received too much in the way of good leads yet. Appreciate your input. Marnie Clark

  4. Jackie, I'm at Pinterest. There are more than one person with your name there, so follow me there and I'll follow you back. I see a lot of potential for exposure and making money with Pinterest.


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