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The Good Old Days Of MLM Blogging


Today, I found myself browsing through the archives of one of my old blogs called “Multileveler”.  My MLM Blogging history began with MLMBlog.net in 2003 and then I was later hired as a writer for MLM Business Opportunities and Multileveler.

As I look back, Multileveler might have been some of the best blogging I have done in over 9 years of blogging.

The site was updated every day (sometimes multiple times each day) and the posts consisted of tips, opinions, real reviews and Network Marketing news.

Multileveler is a stark contrast to today’s typical MLM Blog.

The majority of today’s MLM Blog’s are keyword stuffed “Insert Company Name Here” followed by the word “Scam” posts that frankly make me want to hurl.

As Bon Jovi (circa “Wanted Dead or Alive”) said, “It’s all the same, only the names’ll change”.

Reading most MLM Blogs today makes me tired.  It’s about time we woke up as an industry and did better.

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