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The Huge Myth About Branding Yourself


I am fully prepared for people to freak out and throw rocks at me for this, but you have to know the truth.

Branding yourself is an overblown myth that is keeping the majority of people broke, lost and overwhelmed.

Oh boy, rocks are sure to fly my way for that…but hear me out before you take up a stone.

You see, most people don’t feel comfortable branding themselves yet.

They don’t feel like leaders and they don’t feel at all brand-able (if that is a word…).

And you know what people do when they don’t feel comfortable?

Yep, they freeze up.

There are peeps running around the Internet branding themselves as gurus, leaders and experts when they don’t even have a single soul on their list and have never even helped anyone earn a penny.

The “brand you” mindset has led to stretching of the truth (that’s a nice PC way of saying people are lying about stuff).

The Factory takes a different road.

We teach you to draft off of thought leaders and experts, helping you build up your own “credibility currency” in the marketplace.

You create leads by giving away training and interviews from the industry’s top leaders in exchange for a persons name and email address.

Then you work to build a relationship with the lead, asking questions, sharing what you have learned…you learn and grow together.

We keep it super simple at The Factory…watch the 5 minute video and see for yourself:
Prosperity Factory Video 



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