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Almost everything in this theme is customizable and can be changed to match your brand, using the IMBTheme control panel. Choose from fifteen preconfigured color schemes or specify a custom color for almost every element.
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Squeeze Pages

Need to generate leads using a squeeze page? This is included! From simple, title-and-form style, to a standard, video/image and text style squeeze pages. Many configurations and styles ready for you to start generating leads.
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Banners & Ads

Banner and ad space all over, for your offers and ad banners. You can add your banners to the top of the website as well as bottom. Another great feature is you can add custom ad or text right into the body of the post.
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So Much More...

So many more features are included in this theme and many more to come. From lead captures to popups, from custom SEO settings to related posts, from social buttons to Facebook based comments.
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