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5 Simple Steps To Getting Started Online (video)


Here is a webinar that I did on 5 Simple Steps To Getting Started Online:

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  1. I come accross to your webinar 5 simple steps to get started online Ty, I learn a lot of things in just 30 minutes. I am still watching mlmblog secrets and start applying the information I learned.. good stuff. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Ty, Happy Middle…I like that. Use online and offline strategies to balance out your marketing campaign. When someone talks about either method in a negative light it says everything about the individual and nothing about the strategy. Folks become successful focusing on each strategy, so the negative talk is hogwash and simply reflects a failure consciousness on behalf of the trash talking person. Follow successful people from each niche and learn what you can. Good point too about the top shelf folks. Stop resisting the absolute goldmine of free information and start using it. Thanks for sharing your insight Thank you. Happy Holidays. RB

  3. You're so right TY, we should have balance between on line and offline marketing strategies. I like the simple but powerful tip you gave about actually reading 3 to 5 Blog posts per day. I have learned so much already from this webinar. Thanks


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