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A Real and Simple Formula For Business Success


(S + L) x A = $uccess

Heh.  Algebra.  Let me say right of the shoot that math was not my best subject.  The good news is that my new formula has little to do with math and everything to do with financial success in your business.

Before I give you what the formula means, I have to fill you in on how and when it came to me.

So, there I was, laying in bed this morning after my daughter (so politely) burst into my bedroom, swatted the light on and proceeded to my bathroom to do “14 year old girl stuff” that she could have easily done in her own bathroom.

On top of that, I spent a bunch of money on new pillows this year for Christmas (I mean a lot of money) and they suck. I am seriously pondering some pillow theft the next time I stay in a hotel with sweet pillows.

All of this to say that sometime between 6 and 7am I was laying in bed, awake and normally, I don’t care for 6 to 7am unless I am catching a fish.

But as I lay in bed fighting with stupid, idiot expensive pillows and thinking about ways to get back at my 14 year old (like paying a visit to her during her High School lunch time), I came up with a formula.

The formula is something that I have seen work for years (online and offline) and this formula is actually the basis for something that we are calling “The Factory”.  The Factory is launching soon and I believe it will be the missing link that a lot of people have been looking for (more on that later).

Now that I have tortured you with my pillows and 14 year old, let’s look at the formula.

(Skills + Leads) x Action = $uccess

Let’s break this down, starting with “Skills”.

The training and education that you gain wil give you the knowledge to perform the skills it takes to be successful.

Digging in a little further, I am talking about the following:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Communication and People Skills
  • Financial Education
  • Internet Marketing
  • Investing

These skills plus your ability to create Leads is the foundation of your business.


There is a huge disconnect happening in the world of creating leads for your business.  Or maybe a better way to say it would be that I believe there is a huge disconnect in what is being taught about how to create leads for your business.

One school of thought is teaching “brand you” as a leader so that you can “attract” others to you.  It’s classic attraction marketing, right?  And it works.  But it’s a catch-22 or paradox. Meaning that the only way to really be successful branding yourself as a leader or mentor is to actually be a leader or mentor, so most people really struggle with this and ultimately end up failing (or more appropriately, giving up).

The other school of thought has people marketing a system or web site that furthers the brand of other leaders. Nothing wrong with this.  I made a lot of money (well over 6-figures) by promoting Ann Sieg’s Renegade System and Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring when they launched their systems a few years ago. MLSP was all about branding the owners of MLSP, especially Norbert and the Empower Network is branding a shirtless David Wood.

Again, not saying this is wrong at all…just laying things on the table to examine.

When branding a system, you will spend your time and resources spreading the world about the system leaders in order to create leads and I want to stress once again that this has it’s place.

The third school of thought is to use a hybrid of the first two schools, taking the very best of “branding you” along with the best of what the leaders have to offer. (Yep, I am alluding to “The Factory” again).

Any way you cut it, you need leads. Skills + Leads.


Action for our purpose is defined as “doing enough of the right things”.  Based on 20 years in Network Marketing I would say that most people stumble hardest when it comes to taking action. It’s pretty simple.  No Action, no results.

So there you have it, my new formula.  It’s simple and real and something that I’m sure we will be talking a lot more about in the future.




  1. Hi Judy, no, I don't buy leads and to be honest, I don't really hope for anything. In my opinion, leads are easy to get once a decision is made to make a certain number of calls on a daily basis. Goodness, go to Facebook and click on "Info" you will find that some people have their phone number listed. = )

  2. Well thought out post. Thank you. Agreed. Made money myself with Mike Dillard in 2007 and he deservedly branded himself. Still follow his antics. Am a late conversion to Ann Sieg hence I am on your list too. So, something works. But, what people need is money now, not in five years when a MLM group kicks in. What I have observed is that the very few people who actually make a really decent living online, then go on to devise ever more sophisticated ways of extracting the filthy lucre out of people's pockets because they outsource for their skills. Just as every successful entrepreneur does in any business. The question is Ty, how can Jo and Mary, Joe a factory worker dumped by his company before retirement and Mary, a nurse who cannot hack it anymore; how can they realistically make money online? Don't answer that. I hope that the question stimulates more posts 🙂 Cheers.

  3. great to see you again, I'm still building with your MLM blog secrets program. Now Darren Rowse from.
    Problogger has me reviewing your blog, and it is excellent Thanks for all the support you give.


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