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The Wicked Truth About Getting Started In Network Marketing


I talk with people every single day who want to breakthrough and make money in Network Marketing, yet the majority do not really focus on the basics.

Success in Network Marketing is not about learning Facebook or setting up your blog or creating a lead capture page or a pay-per-click campaign.

Network Marketing success really comes down to selling products and sponsoring people.

In this post I am going to share with you how to enroll 10-20 people a week into your network marketing business. Most people who get started in network marketing want to make big chunks of money right away without knowing that they need to begin with the first step. And that first step is to learn how to do network marketing the right way. It doesn’t have to be perfect but what matters most is that you have made the first step.

So how to enroll 10-20 people a week into your network marketing business:

1. Get as many eyeballs as possible to your opportunity presentation – whether that would be through a dvd presentation, powerpoint presentation on your laptop, one on one presentation or websites, you need to get as many eyeballs to your opportunity presentation no matter what. Because if you are expecting to get 5 or 10 or even 20 new sign ups every week and you ain’t doing your job to expose people to your opportunity presentation, then don’t expect that you will get signs ups every week. Hope that makes sense.

2. Don’t be afraid to contact your warm market – most people think that contacting your warm market is a waste of time and is not working these days. When starting out with your network marketing business, it’s crucial to start with your warm market first. Yes, you heard it right! Even 6-7 figure income earners in our industry started with their warm market and built their way up. When you do this, expect around 10-20% conversion rate and sign ups in your network marketing business. Remember you are in the sorting business and definitely not in the convincing business.

3. Ask for referrals – I know some of  you won’t agree with me about this strategy but this ultimately works. Asking for referrals is a very great technique to enroll 10-20 people a week into your network marketing business. Once you have contacted your warm market and of course some will and some won’t (so what) ask them for referrals. Do this technique and you will thank me later 🙂

4. Invite people to your weekly events – now this technique ultimately rocks! Why do I know? Because I am a living testimony that this strategy works. On weekdays you do the prospecting and sorting thing. Talk and expose your opportunity and products to people, pique their interests and if they want more information, present the business either via 3 way call, webinar and one on one. Then “invite” all those you have spoken on your saturday events. This way you are building the momentum and you are going to achieve your goal on enrolling 10-20 people into your network marketing business.

5. Learn Internet Marketing – Internet marketing is a very broad subject but we will just cover the basics. Internet marketing basically means, marketing your opportunity and or products using the power of the internet. This is not about spamming and sending massive emails to safelists, etc… You ain’t gonna get instant sign ups and enrollments just like that. It takes time, focus, dedication, willingness and persistence to get into the internet marketing game. This is an important element in your network marketing business because as you go along you will run out of people to talk to offline. So if you have the skills on internet marketing, you will simply enroll 10-20 people a week into your network marketing business. You need not be afraid on this technique because as long as you have the right coach, you will understand and learn it easily.

So there you have it. I hope that you have learned something from this post about how to enroll 10-20 people a week into your network marketing business. Remember to get as many eyeballs to your company presentation, don’t be afraid to contact your warm market, ask for referrals, invite people to your weekly events and last but not the least, learn internet marketing and you will never go wrong.

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  1. quite inspiring, will certainly implement those basics requirements in my network in order to succeed. Reading such blogs also helps in terms of self growth as it is a well known fact that before promoting a product to people, as a promoter you should know everything about the product and yourself as well so that you can have confidence when doing presentations


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