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My Evil Marketing Plot


I got this interesting response to my “Where Are Your From?” email.

“Ty, I get the feeling this is a mass mailer.  You ask a friendly question that is also a nosey question but if someone answers then you have a lead.”

Well, I would answer that by saying that if I send you an email, you are already my lead for something. = )

Next I would say that you are absolutely correct that I do not type the same “Where Are You From?” email tens of thousands of times a year.

I use a tool to help me manage my emails…

…called an autoresponder and it might be most important tool in your arsenal.

And I would follow that up by saying that I am not only nosey, I am also extremely curious…to the point where I sometimes give away hundreds of dollars worth of coaching (for free) because I want to know what is ticking inside that brain of yours.

So was my “Where Are You From” email an evil plot to wave my magic wand and turn you into a lead?

Nah, not really.

(I will actually tell you when I have an evil plot going because I will need minions.  Lots of minions.)

It is, however a plot to connect with you on a more intimate level.

To see what makes you tick and to figure out how to help you break through the barriers that some of you have built up over the years.

There is a theme to the responses that I am getting regarding my question about your greatest struggle.

I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

Talk then –

Ty Tribble


  1. So the real question is…why not answer?

    What can we do to overcome the aversion to actually talking to each other, building a relationship and, heaven forbid, slipping into each others true circle of influence?

    The answer is…answer.

    Test the water. Respond to some of these inquiries…and follow up quickly when someone responds to you. That's how you become real and build a relationship.


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